Building a Better Ease.

Ease is a young open source project. If you would like to see it improved, there are lots of ways to help out.


There is a #ease channel on You can also email me at


Ease is written in Vala, a modern programming language for GObject. To get started with Vala, read the tutorial. There are also guides for programmers with knowledge in C# and Java, as Vala is similar to those languages.

If you'd like to get involved with development, please talk to me on IRC or through email.

Bug Reports

Bugs can be reported on Ease's GNOME Bugzilla page. If you find an issue (something that currently, isn't hard to do), please report it!


The theme specification for Ease isn't finalized yet, so at this time it's not a great idea to create themes, as they could break or be incomplete when the specification is locked down. However, contributions such as background art won't go obsolete if the theme specification changes. To keep the main repository clean of potentially large image files, there is a separate Ease themes repository.